Friday, 16 March 2012

Its been a while...

To be honest its been so long that I was considering stopping altogether. Work and family life just seem to take up all of my time. But I think this is something I really would like to keep doing and so will just have to manage my time better.

I have still been making so I will share with you now what I have done in the last few weeks.

I also made an adult size pair of pj trousers in the M&S fabric (I seem to have stumbled across quite a few recently and snapped them up) but forgot to take a photo...
As you can see i have made good use of the Cath Kidson fabric that i bought in the January sale and still have a fair amount left over which I am planning to use in another patchwork quilt for my daughter, smaller squares and a random layout. The owl was number 2 after my daughter stole number 1 for herself, which I am secretly glad about as I think it had a little more character even if it was made slightly less well...

Today i went to a local charity warehouse and bought a really cool retro dress design book from 1972, a knitting book, 3m of fabric, a smaller piece, and a few other bits and pieces all for just £15. Not much wonder I seem to find myself slightly addicted to second hand shopping. Will try to add some photos of these finds tomorrow.

I have also made some plans to sell some stuff at a local monthly craft market, which is really scary as I have so much to do and it seems to be coming round very fast!

Hope this finds you all well and that you are looking forward to Spring as much as I am. Its the daffodils they scream joy and warmth.

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